Superior IS Sustainability

Our Materials Pave the Way for a More Sustainable World

Superior Materials provides more environmental alternatives for designers and contractors than any other producer in our area. We are the first ready-mixed concrete producer to bring sustainable concrete solutions to Southeast Michigan. Using our decades of experience and knowledge, we are providing you with the most variety in sustainable solutions for your job.

Whether using CarbonCure™ technology, portland-limestone cement (PLC), concrete additives, supplementary cementitious materials or cement reduction opportunities, we will work with you on each project to determine the best method to reduce your carbon footprint while continuing to meet all project specifications.

Leading with CarbonCure™ Technology

Superior Materials is partnering with CarbonCure™ technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of our concrete. This technology recycles waste carbon dioxide (CO2) to improve compressive strength and reduce the cement content of our mixes without impacting strength or performance.



Replacing OPC with PLC

As an alternative to ordinary portland cement (OPC) with the same durability and resilience, portland-limestone cement (PLC) typically provides 10 percent reduction in the carbon footprint. It performs just like the cement you’re used to using, follows the same specifications, the same mix design, only with a lower carbon profile.


Concrete Additives Reduce Carbon Footprint

We offer a full line of concrete additives that can increase the sustainability of your next project while making concrete stronger, more crack resistant, more cost efficient, and easier to place and finish.




SCMs Reduce Greenhouse Gas

Use of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) enhances the performance of concrete while reducing its carbon footprint.


56-day Strength for Sustainability

Another sustainability option is to reduce the cement content in the concrete by specifying 56-day strength for the concrete instead of the standard 28-day strength.



Superior Materials is Sustainably Driven

It all starts from within our company. Our culture is motivated by a commitment to be sustainable in all areas. This commitment is shown though everything we bring to the table. Our belief in innovation as well as our expertise in the industry provides designers and contractors with the best options on the market to build sustainably.

What do we do internally to be sustainable? A lot!