Leading with CarbonCure™ Technology

CarbonCure™ allows concrete to contain sequestered recycled carbon dioxide (CO2) to reduce the carbon footprint of mixes by using less cement. Most important, it results in the same reliable concrete that Superior Materials always provides – just with a lower carbon footprint.

To do this, the CarbonCure technology injects a precise dose of CO2 recycled from an industrial emitter into the concrete during mixing. Once introduced to the mix, the CO2 chemically converts into a nano-scale calcium carbonate mineral and becomes permanently embedded in the concrete. The process improves the concrete’s compressive strength, enabling concrete producers to reduce their cement content while maintaining strength requirements. On average, 25 pounds of CO2 per cubic yard of concrete are saved using the CarbonCure technology.

You’ll find the same concrete performance is maintained, just with a reduced carbon footprint. The addition of CO2 using the CarbonCure technology has no impact on the fresh properties of concrete, including workability or pumpability. Additionally, finishers saw no difference between concrete that had and had not been treated with CarbonCure.

Using the CarbonCure technology has no impact on the hardened properties of concrete, including durability, density, pH, freeze-thaw, temperature, texture or color. CarbonCure has conducted extensive durability testing with leading universities and found that the addition of CO2 has a neutral effect on durability properties.

CarbonCure’s technology allows the potential for project teams to contribute towards Materials and Resources and Innovation credits under LEED v4.